Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Where is my snow?

I know most everyone is sooo excited spring is here. Well, I say bah humbug. As a person who absolutely loves winter time, I got jipped people.  Here in northern Indiana, we don't usually get a huge amount of snow, but it is worth talking about some years.  I want a redo!! I love to look out my window and see everything covered in a fresh blanket of white snow.  Everything looks so pure and clean. I love to hear my kids shout and laugh riding their boards and sleds down the hill outside my bedroom window. Now I have to look at the icky brown grass that is trying to be green. Flowers are popping up and birds are chirping. Next week I may be happy about all of this, but right now, I'm hanging on to the chance to pout a little. I am still holding out hope for a big snowstorm. :)  If it happens, just let me be happy for a few days. Heck I'd even take a few hours. :)

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