Sunday, March 18, 2012

Classic Dog Toy

Great toy for your dogs. #Ad

Puss in Boots

We just watched Puss in Boots this weekend. This family of eight enjoyed it. #Ad


My boys would love this remote control helicopter. Then again, so would I. :) #Ad

Le Corbusier Petite Sofa

I would like a new sofa. This petite one might be too small for my family though. #Ad

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Extra Protection Diapers

Pampers are some of the best bum covers out there. :) #Ad


I would like to see this movie, Hugo. #Ad

All Natural Fruit and Nut Granola

Bear Naked granola is very good. #Ad

Fruit Flavored Snacks, Strawberry

My kids love fruit roll-ups, when I buy them. :) #Ad

Friday, March 16, 2012

Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

I think this little FitBit tracker might be worth having. :) #Ad

Three Cheese Tortellini

Barilla is a great pasta. #Ad


We love NetFlix!! #Ad

Fruit Ninja

My kids love cutting fruit in this game, just not in our kitchen. :) #Ad

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Home Theater Leather Recliners

My husband would love to have these home theater recliners. #Ad

Photoshop Elements 10

Adobe Photoshop. Great for this scrap-booking mom. #Ad

Breakfast Blend

This is our favorite coffee for our keurig. Green Mountain is the best. #Ad

Alphabet Letters Interlocking Foam Mats

My kids loved these foam letters when they were little. #Ad

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Where is my snow?

I know most everyone is sooo excited spring is here. Well, I say bah humbug. As a person who absolutely loves winter time, I got jipped people.  Here in northern Indiana, we don't usually get a huge amount of snow, but it is worth talking about some years.  I want a redo!! I love to look out my window and see everything covered in a fresh blanket of white snow.  Everything looks so pure and clean. I love to hear my kids shout and laugh riding their boards and sleds down the hill outside my bedroom window. Now I have to look at the icky brown grass that is trying to be green. Flowers are popping up and birds are chirping. Next week I may be happy about all of this, but right now, I'm hanging on to the chance to pout a little. I am still holding out hope for a big snowstorm. :)  If it happens, just let me be happy for a few days. Heck I'd even take a few hours. :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris. Sounds like it could be a good movie. #Ad

Superpro Swimsuit

These are good quality swimsuits. #Ad

Red Berries Cereal

This is a very yummy cereal. Love the berries. :) #Ad

Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor

Would love to have this Black & Decker juicer. #Ad

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Make Them Count

I love Eddie Murphy. He is always funny. #Ad

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

I have heard this really does keep coffee from being bitter. Would love to try this. #Ad

Stax Cheddar

We love Stax!! The cheddar is the best. #Ad

Bacon Salt Sampler

Seriously, I love bacon and really want to try this. :0) #Ad

Friday, March 9, 2012

POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards

I have a couple kids who would love these skateboards and a place to ride 'em. :) #Ad

Massage Chair

I could handle this massage chair. #Ad

Planet 51

My family adores this movie about aliens. #Ad

Body Glove Grasp Case

Great case for your phone. #Ad

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I am seriously considering investing in duct tape.  Number one, it really is some fun stuff, with all the cool new designs.  Number two, they've made books about 1001 different things you can do with it. And (insert drum roll) number three, I can use it for when my kids aren't speaking nicely to me. :)  Okay I would never ever do that, but it makes me feel better just to type it. lol

Signing off as: the Mom who loves Duct Tape. :)

RTR 1/10 Monster Revo 3.3 4WD Monster Truck

My boys would love these monster trucks. #Ad

Rory's Story Cubes

I think my kids would love theses story cubes. #Ad

Minis Variety Pack

Kind bars are some yummy little snacks. #Ad

Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game

My youngest son loves playing this game. #Ad

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gamer Extreme Desktop

Game on.... my kids would never move. :) #Ad

Boys Striped Pullover Hoodie

Boys striped pullover hoodie would be warm. #Ad

Black by Kenneth Cole

Ken Cole cologne. Bet it smells good.... #Ad

Clicker Dog Training System

Need this to train our dogs. #Ad

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mornings at my house

I have come to the conclusion that my house is a time warp in the mornings. :/ Does anyone else ever feel that way or its it just me?  I'm pretty sure that our clocks skip the majority of the 7 a.m. hour.  There are only three  kids to get ready at that time of day, and we still stumble out of the door at 8:10 every morning. The 6 year old is usually still putting his coat on when we pull into the driveway at school, not to mention all the spelling words, vocab words and bible verses I try to cram into their little memory. That is saying something since the school is exactly 16.2 minutes away. Not that I have timed it or anything. :)

I know, I know there are tons of ways to make a morning 'go smoother' but that would mean being prepared, and who has time for that?  Besides the fact, it would take away all the fun of being spontaneous.  That's more my style I guess and I'm okay with that. :)
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

I would just take the xbox that goes with the controller. :) #Ad

Hello Kitty Area Rug

What a cute way to decorate your room with Hello Kitty. #Ad

TLC Cookies

Kashi cookies are faboo. :) #Ad

Truffles Milk Chocolate

These chocolates are sooo good. #Ad

Monday, March 5, 2012

This is all new

Okay, my sister in law has been after me forEVer to do a blog. I've decided to take the plunge and risk failure. :)  Think of this as a place to sit back relax and maybe laugh once in awhile. If anything, just have a chance to peer in to my pretty much boring life. lol